Sunday, May 27, 2007

Constructive Criticism About Televised Track Meets, Part 1

The first challenge! A reader writes, "Please ask your readers to provide constructive criticism to USATF's televised series of track meets, including the USA Indoor and Outdoor Championships and the Visa Championship Series."

Thanks for the challenge! I love it. Not only have you challenged me, you've challenged the rest of FLP's readers as well! Without knowing the specifics of your criticisms, I can only assume you mean:

1) there's not enough track and field coverage on TV, or
2) the coverage that is already on TV could be improved, or
3) the USATF's promotion of those events leaves something to be desired, or
4) all of the above.

Let's start with numbers one and two, since that criticism should be directed toward the television networks (CBS, NBC and ESPN) and the sponsors (Visa, Reebok, AT&T) of those events, not the governing body. I am working on acquiring a list of contacts at the networks and their sponsors so that you can write and offer your opinions about the state of track and field coverage on television and how you think it can be improved. It being Memorial Day weekend, I probably won't be able to get all of the names and addresses until next week, but I will publish it on part 2 of this FLP Challenge just as soon as I have finished compiling the list.

As for number three, who better to promote track and field than those who love it the best? My suggestion to my readers would be to sign up for the newsletter at the Visa Championship Series website. When you receive that newsletter, forward it to everyone you know. Let's create a ground swell of interest ourselves and start a grassroots campaign to revive interest in the best sport in the world! I have also written USATF to ask them for their comments about USATF's promotion of televised track and field, as well as for contact names and addresses in case you would like to write and offer suggestions on how USATF can better promote TV coverage. I will post all of that on part 2 of this FLP Challenge! [Click here for Part 2]

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