Friday, May 18, 2007

More than Just Chariots of Fire...

I just ran across a website called Running Movies that catalogs hundreds of movies about, or having something to do with, running. Categories include Biographical, Instructional, Documentary, Feature, Foreign, Specific Events and Olympics. It looks to me that the descriptions of the training movies are the webmaster's own writing. I wish more of the feature film reviews were his own work instead of stock descriptions we can find all over the internet. Still, since this person took the trouble to collect hundreds movies about running, consolidate them on a website and give us a chance to buy them, we should be thankful. I, for one, certainly didn't know that there are so many feature films about running. The only ones I could think of were "Chariots of Fire," "Gallipoli," "Running Brave" and the two Prefontaine movies "Prefontaine" and "Without Limits".

Other than just writing some more original reviews, there's certainly room for improvement on this site. Server-side scripting would be a great improvement over the static pages currently in place over there. This would allow a shopper to produce some dynamic pages that are customized for that shopper's own preferences. Sure not all of us can be, but a professional e-store and a more user-friendly site search is certainly within reach for most webmasters nowadays. It's free, too, through an open-source PHP and MySQL CMS site like this one. Even a more-creative use of the aStore he's got set up on his front page (scroll to the bottom) is free and would be an improvement. Maybe that, along with some original reviews, are in the works. Until then, we can marvel at the time it took the webmaster to do all of that old-school coding of all of that html on all of those static pages! Better yet, I'll marvel at the large list of running movies that he has provided for us.

Speaking of "Chariots of Fire," here's a video on You Tube that shows a couple of geeks (unlike nerds, who are smart) doing dumb things in slo-mo to the theme song from "Chariots of Fire":

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