Thursday, June 28, 2007

Good News for American Track & Field Athletes

The latest IAAF newsletter is out and, guess what? No Americans are on the "Athletes Sanctioned for Doping Offenses" list on page 7!

Here is a list of countries cited, in descending order of number of athletes sanctioned:

Iran, 8
France, 2
Turkey, 2
Great Britain, 1
Jamaica, 1
China, 1
Brazil, 1
Slovenia, 1
Belgium, 1
Nepal, 1
Russia, 1
South Africa, 1

What, you might ask, is Nepal doing on the doping sanctions list? Apparently, steroids are handed out like chocolates in Nepali sport. In fact, they are chocolates!

Here's an article in which the Nepalese athlete who got sanctioned, Rajendra Bhandari, states that his victory in the men's 5000m at the 10th South Asian Games, "is due to my hard work and effort from the coaches." Now that Bhandari has been suspended for 2 years and his victory at the South Asian Games has been nullified due to the "presence of the prohibited substance Norandrosterone (S1. Anabolic Agents) in his doping control sample," we know what kind of "effort from the coaches" he meant.

That makes 2 IAAF newsletters in a row in which an American has not been sanctioned for doping violations! Way to just say no, American athletes!

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