Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Pundit Calls His Shot

I've put on my prognosticator's hat (gray felt with a green feather) so it's time to make those predictions that will either make me look like I might know what I'm talking about or else make a complete fool out of me. Here's my list of which American records are safe and which ones are in danger this week at the AT&T USA Outdoor Track & Field Championships. [Takes deep breath.] Here we go:

Red=In Danger

100m (record: 9.79, Maurice Greene)
200m (record: 19.32, Michael Johnson)
400m (record: 43.18, Michael Johnson)
800m (record: 1:42.60, Johnny Gray)
1,500m (record: 3:29.30, Bernard Lagat)
5,000m (record: 12:58.21, Bob Kennedy)
10,000m (record: 27:13.98, Meb Keflezighi)
110m Hurdles (record: 12.90, Dominique Arnold)
400m Hurdles (record: 46.78, Kevin Young)
3,000m Steeplechase (record: 8:08.82, Daniel Lincoln)
20,000m Race Walk (record: 1:23:40.0, Tim Seaman)
High Jump (record: 2.40 m/7'10½", Charles Austin)
Pole Vault (record: 6.03 m/19'9¼", Jeff Hartwig)
Long Jump (record: 8.95 m/29'4½", Mike Powell)
Triple Jump (record: 18.09 m/59'4¼", Kenny Harrison)
Shot Put (record: 23.12 m/75'10¼", Randy Barnes)
Discus Throw (record: 72.34 m/237'4", Ben Plucknett)
Hammer Throw (record: 82.52 m/270'9", Lance Deal)
Javelin Throw (record: 90.71 m/297'7", Breaux Greer)
Decathlon (record: 8,891 pts., Dan O'Brien)

100m (record: 10.49, Florence Griffith Joyner)
200m (record: 21.34, Florence Griffith Joyner)
400m (record: 48.70, Sanya Richards)
800m (record: 1:56.40, Jearl Miles-Clark)
1,500m (record: 3:57.12, Mary Slaney)
5,000m (record: 14:44.80, Shalane Flanagan)
10,000m (record: 30:52.32, Deena Drossin)
110m Hurdles (record: 12.33, Gail Devers)
400m Hurdles (record: 52.61, Kim Batten)
3,000m Steeplechase (record: 9:29.32, Brianna Shook)
20,000m Race Walk (record: 1:33:28.15, Teresa Vaill)
High Jump (record: 2.03 m/6'7¾", Louise Ritter)
Pole Vault (record: 4.88 m/16'0", Jenn Stuczynski)
Long Jump (record: 7.49 m/24'7", Jackie Joyner-Kersee)
Triple Jump (record: 14.45 m/47'5", Tiombé Hurd)
Shot Put (record: 20.18 m/66'2½", Ramona Pagel)
Discus Throw (record: 67.67 m/222'0", Powell-Roos Suzy)
Hammer Throw (record: 73.87 m/242'4", Erin Gilreath)
Javelin Throw (record: 64.19 m/210'7", Kim Kreiner)
Heptathlon (record: 7291 pts., Jackie Joyner-Kersee)

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