Monday, June 18, 2007

Some Statistics: 2007 USATF U.S. National Championships

I was taking a look at the Status of Entries page on the USATF website. Here are a few observations I made (as of 6/18/07 at 11:30AM):

Number of Applications: 1188 (men: 655, women: 533)
Qualified (Met "A" Mark): 830 (men: 419, women: 411)
Provisional (Met "B" Mark): 247 (men: 175, women: 72)
Not qualified (mark not acceptable; reasons vary): 70 entries (men: 37, women: 33)
Most Applications, by Affiliation: (you guessed it) Unattached, 460 entries/121 qualified
2nd Most Applications, by Affiliation: Unattached/Nike, 152 entries/61 qualified
Most Applications, by actual team: Oregon TC Elite, 17 entries/12 qualified
Most Applications, by event (men): 100m, 61
Most Applications, by event (women): 200m, 40
Largest Field, by event (men): Men's 800m, 21
Largest Field, by event (women): Women's 200m,
Smallest Field, by event (men): 20 km Race Walk, 9
Smallest Field, by event (women): 20 km Race Walk, 8
Events in which 100% of entrants qualified: Women's High Jump, Women's Masters Mile, Men's Masters Mile, Men's 20 km Race Walk, Women's 20 km Race Walk
Event with most provisional, pending entries: Men's 1500m, 13
Qualified but Scratched:
Men's 110m Hurdles Kevin Craddock
Men's 1500m Nicholas Symmonds (declared in Men's 800m)
Men's 200m Reggie Witherspoon (declared in Men's 400m)
Men's 200m Willie Perry
Men's 400m Xavier Carter (declared in Men's 200m)
Men's 800m Zach Glavash
Men's Discus Throw Kibwe Johnson (declared in Men's Hammer Throw)
Men's Masters Mile Kevin Vidana-Barda
Men's Masters Mile Nolan Shaheed
Women's 10000m Jennifer Rhines (declared in Women's 5000m)
Women's 5000m Amy Rudolph
Women's 10000m Amy Rudolph
Women's 10000m Michelle Sikes (declared in Women's 5000m)
Women's 10000m Catherine Ferrell (declared in Women's 5000m)
Women's 100m Shalonda Solomon (declared in Women's 200m)
Women's 1500m Nicole Teter (declared in Women's 800m)
Women's 1500m Arianna Lambie (declared in Women's 5000m)
Women's 200m Donniece Parrish
Women's 400m Hurdles Shauna Smith
Women's 400m Hurdles Aleesha Barber
Women's 400m Hurdles Ashley Brown
Women's 5000m Sara Hall (declared in Women's 1500m)
Women's 5000m Molly Huddle (declared in Women's 10000m)
Women's Masters Mile Joan Mabe
Women's Masters Mile Lesley Chaplin-Swann
Most Qualified Entries, by Athlete:
Antonette Carter (Women's 100m, Women's 200m, Women's Long Jump)
Kara Goucher (Women's 10000m, Women's 1500m, Women's 5000m)
Adam Goucher (Men's 10000m, Men's 1500m, Men's 5000m)

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