Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Wariner Mystery Solved

I contacted Jill M. Geer, USATF Director of Communications, and she cleared up the Jeremy Wariner mystery I discussed here. Her reply was that, "defending world champions have a bye to get to worlds. Our rules require, as you know, that they compete at our national meet. Any event is fine. (Note that the rule doesn’t say 'compete in their main event.') Jeremy could throw the shot if he wanted."

So now we understand why Wariner is competing in the 200m instead of in the 400m. World champions have options the rest of us don't have. Wariner is simply using the National Championships as a speed tune up. Look for him to break 20 seconds if the weather is good. If Wariner can break 20 seconds for 200m, the 400m record should be in jeopardy this summer.

Geer also noted that, "Allyson Felix is entered in the 100 and 200. She definitely will do the 100m and will see how it’s going for the 200m." Felix is the defending World Champion in the women's 200m, having run a 22.16 in Helsinki, Finland. She's got options, too. Could we see a 100m, 200m 4x100m relay triple from her in Osaka?

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