Friday, July 6, 2007

The Long Green Line

Check out this clip of The Long Green Line, a feature-length documentary about Joe Newton and the York Community High School (Elmhurst, Illinois) Cross-Country team. Newton has coached the Dukes for over 50 years and they have won 26 state championships and 1 national championship. Imagine being on a cross-country team with over 220 runners! Here's a discussion about the movie on Track and Field News Message Board.

From the website:

Newton encourages his athletes to remember that it is, “Nice to be great, but far greater to be nice.” Being a respectful gentleman is given priority over being a star athlete. By leading a respectful life as individuals, the entire team becomes that much greater. As the York team grew in number, the green uniforms began to dominate the cross-country course. In the meets without an entry limit, opponents watched in awe as the Dukes would cross the finish line – one after another – creating THE LONG GREEN LINE. It is a lifeline for these young runners as they move from adolescence into manhood. The Long Green Line is not only a team, but a rite of passage and has become cross-country legend. Newton’s teams have won more championships than any other team in the history of the world.

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