Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Name That Olympic Legend!

Who is the man in this photo?


His nicknames were "White Lightning" then "El Caballo (The Horse)."

He was born December 3, 1950 in Santiago, Cuba.

He is now an IAAF Council Member.

He was a basketball player until he as 21, at which time he was discovered by Polish track coach Zygmunt Zabierzowski.

He was eliminated in the semi-finals at the 1972 Munch Olympics.

Give up?

He is none other than Alberto Juantorena, the first only athlete to win gold medals in both the 400m and 800m at the same Olympics, the 1976 Montreal Olympics. In the photo above he was doing some early shopping for 2007 Osaka souvenirs. In the photo to the right he can be seen outpacing Rick Wohlhuter of the USA and Ivo Van Damme of Belgium in the 1976 Olympic men's 800m final and setting a world record of 1:43.50. Here's the video of that classic race as well as the men's 1500m final.

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