Thursday, July 19, 2007

Take the FLP Poll! Would You Do "Whatever It Takes" To Win? contributor Mike Celizic has weighed in to the Pistorius debate with this cynical attempt at wit:

What if, the IAAF is saying, [Pistorius'] prosthetics give him an advantage that able-bodied runners don’t have? What if, in other words, the people with legs and feet are the ones who are disabled? What then? Do athletes start chopping their legs off in order to get the Pistorius pistons and win more races? (And you know that if the prosthetics are declared legal and really do give an advantage, there will be lines around the block waiting for amputations (emphasis mine-FLP). That’s how it is with athletes.)

I couldn't imagine purposefully crippling myself for life just to try and gain athletic advantage. Of course, steroids can do the same thing, but many people have no problem taking those. I'd never take steroids, either. Is it just me, or is Celizic right? Would you really consider having your legs chopped off just to gain athletic advantage?

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