Saturday, May 26, 2007

Searching the USATF Calendar

It just amazes me every time I search the USATF Calendar to discover how many track meets are occurring all over the U.S. on any given (mostly weekend) day. When I did a search this morning I expected to find a light schedule for this Memorial Day weekend, maybe one or two meets, but a whopping 31 meets are being held this weekend!

When's the last time you actually attended a track meet, instead of just watching one on TV? Well, (as they used to say in those Wolf Brand Chili commercials) it's been too long. If there's a meet near you, be sure to get out there and lend those athletes your support. Although it won't be narrated by Dwight Stones, you just might see some pretty terrific athletic drama unfold before your eyes. You won't be interrupted by Toyota commercials, and you'll get to see a middle-distance race in it's entirety.

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