Saturday, May 26, 2007

Some Visibility for the Pundit

Ken Stone over at Masters Track replied via e-mail to a comment I made on his blog the other day. In his reply, he mentioned that he'd make reference to my blog on his site soon. He asked me to answer a few questions first. I thought he was just trying to screen me to make sure I wasn't some crackpot before he linked to my site. Little did I know that the Q+A he gave me was my first e-mail interview. Turns out, he posted his questions and my answers verbatim over on his blog! [Gulp!]

Now I'd better buckle down and earn the kind review he gave me. It's easy to blog when there's nobody in the entire universe watching. Now people are going to read my blog and expect something out of me. I hope to meet the expectations of you kind folks who have shown up and are reading these words... But enough about me, already. Now let's get busy and talk some track.

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