Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Lights, Camera, Action!

Here's a fascinating glimpse into the world of television production as it relates to track and field coverage. This is a sample of the TV Production Outline for the ExxonMobil Bislett Games:

Production and Split of Disciplines:

• Unit 1 – Integration, Track and Presentation for Multilateral World Feed Total of 14 x Cameras.
• Unit 2 – Throws, Javelin (4 cameras, mixed with graphics).
• Unit 3 – Vertical Jump, Pole Vault & High Jump (6 cameras, mixed with graphics).
• Unit 4 – Horizontal Jump, Triple Jump (5 cameras, mixed with

Field Cameras shared – Total of 15 Cameras for Field Events.
29 Cameras in total in use for the World Feed.

• Camera Plan accessible at: Camera plan field - Camera plan track

• Feeds of all Cameras or Feeds can be made available if Rights Holders wish to have their own SNG. The Rights Holder can then cut and mix their own coverage.

If you're a budding director, or if you're just interested in learning about how complex the TV production of a track meet really is in the media age, click here to see all of the TV Production Outlines for all of the IAAF Golden League events in 2007. You can also check out some letters from the meet directors, get timetables, start lists, results, athlete bios, and more. You can even get access to free, live streaming radio coverage of all the meets!

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