Tuesday, June 12, 2007

"Running Doctor" Blog is Now Up and... (yes, that's right) Running!

I just found a brand-spanking new blog from Dr. Lewis G. Maharam, the world’s premier running physician, over at the Runner's World website. The Running Doctor's stated goal for his blog is to "communicate directly with you. Although diagnosing specific problems over the Internet is impossible, we can discuss injuries and conditions and share the most current information on prevention, treatment, and recovery so that when you see your physician, you can be better informed."

This blog is so new, the only post he has made on it so far is the introductory post he made on June 8th. So far, there have been 50 comments left on the good doctor's very first post! At that rate, I can't imagine that there's any possible way he will be able to answer every single runner's question, but I'm sure you'll have as much fun challenging him as you have challenging me!

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